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38 x 30cm” WW1 photo album is available for sale

A “large, 38 x 30cm” WW1 photo album is available for sale.
According to the listing.

The album contains “260 original WW1 photos

plus 15 loose photos” and belonged to to Adjutant André Marie de Limur 25th Dragoons, later Escadrille N49 and N89.

The album reportedly contains only WW1 photos (1914-16)

and starts off with Limur’s service in the Army in 1914 – 15.
The listing states (in part):  There are a couple of aircraft photos earlier in the album (Pegoud’s), however its not until we get to photo 86 onwards that photos are of the Limur’s aviation service.
However from here onwards almost everything is aviation.
Initially, photos seem to be of training, lots of shots of various two seaters types; Voisen, Caudron, Nieuport’s, FBA seaplanes.., fellow pilots, machine gun and gunnery practice etc.
However by photo 162, the Limur has clearly been assigned to a fighter squadron and by 166 is the first mention of Escadrille N49.
From here onwards the album contents is all N49 with a large number of shots of Nieuport Scouts and the squadron’s fighter pilots; many of whom are named, some of whom are Aces.
The is a great number of variation in uniforms and insignia; the pilots coming from different regiments and corps; visiting dignitaries, medals being worn, lots of candid shots of pilots at rest and leisure, crashes, 7 aerial photos, etc.
There are some great shots of Nieuport XI’s on the airfields and looks like N49 had several Nieuport XII too, .

Indeed one shot has Limur standing next to one with ‘FOC’ painted on it
Loose photos also reportedly feature “a couple of” Spad VIIs as well
The album is located in the UK and is currently being offered for £2,195

Click here to check out the complete listing.

A previously featured German pilot photo album is also available in a separate listing



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