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“Carl served Alaska and the Fund since 1991

APFC shares with our fellow Alaskans in the loss of Trustee Carl Brady who passed away on April 6, 2020.
“Carl served Alaska and the Fund since 1991.
His tremendous knowledge, steadfastness, deep love for Alaska, and especially for APFC will be greatly missed,” reflected CEO Angela Rodell.

In the decades that Trustee Brady had served on APFC’s Board

there had been many significant achievements in promoting and adhering to the principles of transparency, accountability, and best in class practices in the management of the Alaska Permanent Fund.
In 2005 under his Chairmanship, statutory authority was established, allowing the use of the Prudent Investor Rule for investing the Fund, providing for greater diversification of the portfolio into alternative asset classes such as private equity and infrastructure.
Throughout his service on the Board, .

Emphasis had been placed on ensuring the Fund benefits all generations of Alaskans

We express our deepest condolences to his family.
APFC 2012 Annual Report – Board of Trustees  The post Trustee Carl Brady appeared first on Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation.


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