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Renegades squad just loves Mirage As expected

CS:GO is not as diverse as games like League of Legends, Dota and Overwatch.
Nevertheless, different maps that require different tactics is something that makes CS:GO very interesting to watch.
Everyone has the map that he or she feels most confident playing on.
But, what are the favorite maps of CS:GO pro players.

Fans of Overpass Overpass is definitely one of the most interesting maps to play on

Tricky boosts and environment make this map very fun to play.
Players like REZ, ALEX, TACO, and tabseN like to play on Overpass.
REZ says that Overpass is a very open map.
Also, .

You can play with an AWP pretty much anywhere on the map and that’s why he likes Overpass

ALEX from Team Vitality likes the design of the map.
The Brazilian player, TACO is not so sure about his favorite maps.
Logically, the favorite maps of CS:GO pro players depends on how they feel while they are playing that map.
According to TACO’s words, he feels the most are confident on Overpass at the moment.
Renegades squad just loves Mirage As expected, AZR, Jks, and Gratisfaction from Renegades have the same favorite map.
They all like Mirage.
Although AZR denied that, .

He said that Mirage is his favorite map because they defeated Astralis on it
AZR also says that he likes Mirage because it doesn’t favor either CT or T

but it is well balanced.
Alongside Renegades members, players like Lekr0, RUSH, Brehze, also like this map.
Interestingly, .

RUSH said that his favorite map used to be Train but it’s not the case anymore
Notice that Cloud9 lost to Astralis 16-0 on Train

So it probably has something to do with that loss.
Definitely, among the all favorite maps of CS:GO pro players, Mirage is the most common one.
Also, according to HLTV statistic, .

Mirage is the most played map as well
These players prefer to play on Cache When it comes to angles and utility usage

Cache is one of the best maps.
It features so many aim duels and different tactics, and it still looks very simple.
Interestingly, this is the map that Astralis tries to avoid the most.
Two players from BIG, Gob b and XANTARES are fans of Cache.
Gob b says that Cache used to favor T side before the AUG became the part of Meta.
However, it’s much better balanced right now.

Cache is also the favorite map of NAF and ISSAA.  Other answers Mirage

Overpass, and Cache are definitely not the only favorite maps of CS:GO pro players.

Train and Dust 2 are one of the most loved maps as well

No wonder, considering that Train is so unique and unusual map to play as it requires a lot of utility usage.
On the other side, Dust 2 is a legendary map, and it has been there since the very beginning.
It definitely makes all players nostalgic.

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However, Stewie2k said that his favorite map is Nuke as he started playing it frequently since he joined Team Liquid.
It is a really unusual choice as no one really likes to play Nuke (except Astralis of course).
BIG’s player Nex says that his favorite map is Cobblestone.
He adds that it is too bad that Cobblestone is not in map pool anymore.
kioShiMa doesn’t have his favorite map.
According to his words, he feels pretty good on all maps and has no problem with playing any of them.
Read Game Life on the GO: Follow us on Twitter @GameLifeHQ The post What are the Favorite Maps of CS:GO Pro Players.
appeared first on Game Life.


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