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Download the Water 4 Wildlife app

Water 4 Wildlife – and how CompNow assisted their cause With drought and fire damage occurring at unprecedented levels around Australia, especially earlier this year, people have been mobilising in large numbers in a collective bid to help our unique Australian wildlife.
Right now, the overwhelming movement to get water out into bush and farmland areas across the country has shown the need for some cohesion with not only monitoring where they are placed, but also recording other useful data that will further support this effort.
The Water 4 Wildlife App is designed to keep that momentum going and also act as a vital data collection tool to help this effort to support our wildlife.   GPS tag the location of water stations when placed in the field Record the type of station, capacity, plus take a photo to assist in identifying/locating later Show the App user all water stations geographically close to them, plus information on the date last filled Quick and simple recording when a water station is refilled See a full history of refills, plus how empty each station was at the time of refill Record signs of damage/predators plus allow for relocation and decommission of a water station.
Show the location of a water station and integrate with your mobile phone’s Maps application for navigation to a water station.
(Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc) Information on the science behind putting water out for animals.
How to build a water station (Video, Step by Step Photos, Materials)  Utilising the Zutak publishing platform, CompNow developers donated their time to creating this application in support of the Water 4 Wildlife cause.

Learn more about our App Development capabilities here

Download the Water 4 Wildlife app.


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