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And remember if in doubt choose LiFe

EV route planning EV driving requires a complete change in a general approach to driving

EV route planning is key if you are to avoid the dreaded ‘range anxiety’ where find yourself staring at your mile counter, your journey ending seeing ever further away.
For all of us, circumstances often dictate a change in plans and before you realise, an extra 20 or 30miles have eaten into your battery and you are drawing ever closer to the dreaded zero mile mark.
With Franklin’s LiFe charging network and roaming you now have lots of coverage options to help with your route planning.
There are a few important factors to note, firstly that, as with petrol cars, electric vehicles will store a reserve number of miles at an average of 10 miles (please note this will vary according to EV).
This being said once you are aware of low miles, it’s helpful to begin to introduce certain measures that will help get you to your destination or to a charging point.
When EV route planning, firstly, identify where you need to get to and calculate the mileage.
Start to power down the vehicle.
Each model will allow you to turn off certain functions such as the central screen that will help preserve energy.
Turn off the radio and heating as well as any other on board tools that maybe using even a faction of your precious power.
Slow your speed right down and be consistent, avoiding stops and starts where possible.
Take notice of your deteriorating miles and ensure you are in a safe position if you need to pull over.
If in the worst event you run out of miles altogether, your vehicle will utilise its last remaining energy preserves to ensure you can move to the side of the road and call for help.
Often road side assistance is built into your insurance but it’s important to check whether that service includes a provision for electric vehicles.
Both the AA and RAC have been quick to embrace EV technology and utilise rapid remote charging solutions that will get you back on the road.
As ever with electric vehicles, planning is key.
ZapMap is incredibly useful for identifying charging points and for longer journeys there are a number of useful apps that will ensure you reach your destination with designated charging posts along the way.
Getting used to the way you drive and the impact that will have will come through time.
It is this awareness and understanding of this different type of driving experience that will ultimately protect you in the long term but for new EV drivers, this blog may prove pretty useful.
And remember if in doubt choose LiFe.


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